About The Empress

I got the name/title ‘Empress’ from a phase during my undergrad years in Cape Town. I was playing with people who loved rasta music and men who called me Empress when I walked into my favourite haunt at the time. I even tried locking my hair but it wouldn’t take. I later started learning about Rastafarianism and the meanings of the terms of endearments I encountered and with that newfound respect, I became the Empress. For real. But because everyone and their aunties are also empresses, I added one of my nicknames – “Becca”, and now I am known on the internets as “@empress_becca”.

I am a writer. Extroverted. Emotionally mature but as unstable as the next person. Insecure when it comes to being read. I’ve made a pact with myself to publish more. So here I am.

I’ve also decided to start writing on more than just my personal life. Here you will find short stories, poetry, personal introspection and some stuff about my favourite thing to drink – wine.

The pieces of me I put down can never be gathered back. And I’m learning to stop apologising for it.

My favourite poem is ‘For Women Who Are Difficult to Love’ by Warsan Shire.
I hate death.
I live on red wine and music.


The Empress

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